Swish for Speed

Pam LeBlanc, LPGA Class “A” Teaching Professional

Purpose- Increased Distance

Tip – Increased swing speed leads to longer shots; work on hearing a louder noise when making a practice swing.

Try This Drill: Turn your driver upside down so that the grip end of the club is pointing towards the ground. Take your grip on the shaft just underneath the club head. Make sure the club is addressed a few inches above the ground, then start making practice swings.

  • Take notice of where the sound comes in your downswing, to create more distance, you need to hear the “swish” sound from the shaft just after impact.
  • Where you hear the noise of the shaft on the downswing is where the club is traveling the fastest. Ideally, you should hear the swish/speed at the bottom of your swing.
  • If you hear all the noise at the top of your swing, you are casting. If you hear the “swish” just before impact, you are releasing the club a little bit early.
  • Learning to time the release of the speed in the swing will lead to more distance. The louder the “swish”, the more swing speed you are generating. Once you develop hearing “swish” work towards making it louder.