Often players are getting their tee shot on #17 up to the tractor and sometimes even under it. I’ve been there many times. I’ve heard people saying that you must keep the tractor between your next shot and the hole but that isn’t usually the case.

As the tractor is a Movable Obstruction you are entitled to free relief if your next stroke is interfered with by the tractor and this is not for the line of play interference just swing or stance. If the ball is under the tractor you obviously have no swing and therefore you have interference with the stroke. If the stroke or your stance is being impeded you can get free relief by finding your Nearest Point of Relief and then drop the ball within one club length of that point, no closer to the hole. The Nearest Point of Relief will give you a full swing at the ball without the interference. Most of the time if the ball is directly behind the tractor and your swing will hit the tractor your Nearest Point of Relief will probably be straight back but then you get a club length to drop the ball which might get you off to one side or the other with a clear view of the green. If your ball is back far enough where your swing won’t hit the tractor then you have what you have with no line of play relief.